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Are you a buyer hoping to get into town for under $1 million?  As prices continue to rise, the dream of owning in Spring Lake for under $1M is fading fast! When I started in real estate 13 years ago, there were typically, on average, 18 homes for sale under $1M.  Today, there is 1.  Tomorrow???  


With home prices predicted to continue to rise for the next few years, that under $1M market in town may be a thing of the past. So what are your options?


An alternative to Spring Lake is Avon-by-the-Sea.  There, while fewer homes sell a year than do in Spring Lake, you can still find something nice for under $1M.  Avon is comparable to Spring Lake demographically so many of our buyers find it to be an option for them in the extremely limited inventory at that price point in Spring Lake.


Similarly, the north end of Belmar and the South end of Bradley Beach offer alternatives for anyone looking to buy a beach house in a great neighborhood.


Confused?  Give us a call at The Glander Group!