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Pets often have the same curiosity level as a young child during the holidays. Changing their environment with the new decorations coupled with increased activity around the house may cause pets to have anxiety or act out of character and may even cause illness. Consider these tips to keep your furry friends safe this holiday season.



#1 Christmas Tree: Cats love to climb up Christmas trees often which can cause them to tip or fall. Try to securely anchor your tree to prevent any such occurrence from happening this holiday season. Also, both dogs and cats enjoy playing with ornaments and if broken they can cause injury or intestinal blockage if ingested. 


#2 Mistletoe and Holly: Keep out of reach of pets. When digested this can cause pets to suffer nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, and cardiovascular issues. 


#3 Tinsel: Cats love this sparkly toy. It’s easy for them to carry around in their mouth and if ingested it can obstruct the digestive tract, cause severe vomiting, dehydration and possible the possible need for surgery.


#4 Candles: Don’t leave lighted candles unattended. Pets can burn themselves or knock them over and cause a fire.


#5 Holiday Sweets: Chocolate is toxic to cats and dogs. Artificial sweeteners found in bake goods and candy have been linked to liver failure and death in dogs. Try not to leave these treats unattended or in a place easily accessed by pets.


#6 Leftovers and table scraps: Human food is usually filled with fatty acids and other products that should never be ingested by animals. Bones, onions, raisins and  grapes can be especially harmful to dogs. Be sure to properly dispose of leftovers and to not leave food out where pets can easily get to it.


#7 Cocktails: While a cocktail here or there may help people relax or deal with in-laws during the holiday season, if your pets accidentally takes a sip of your fruity beverage, they can become weak, ill and possibly even go into a coma. Keep your drinks with your guests at all times. Try labeling cups with guests’ names or ask them to be considerate of your other household members with four legs who may be inclined to try one of those delicious drinks if they are left unattended.


#8 Loud Noises and A Full House: And most importantly remember that the bustle of the holiday season may be exciting for your family but constant visitors and activity can be confusing and stressful for pets. Make sure your furry friends have a safe, quiet space to retreat to. 


Be cautious of the above tips and you will have a better time knowing that your pets are safe during the holidays.  


Laura Yarbenet

Realtor Associate

Phone number: (732) 890-8147